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If you are a current supporter on Patreon, please be patient

with me while I work out the kinks of integration.


If you are a current supporter on Kickstarter, please message me your

Kickstarter information and I will grant you access to the website.


Right now I am manually adding roles to signed up website users.

I know it's annoying to sign up to another site... but I think in the

long run this will be best for all of us!

  • Once you sign up for an account here, I will do my best to grant your tier access to this site fast.

  • If you are using a separate email from the supporter site, please let me know and I will sync them.

  • If you haven't received access within 24 hours please contact me  below and I will try to sort out the issues!

Thank you!



Contact Ace

Thanks for submitting!

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