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Escape Progress and October Renders

Hey all! I am working hard trying to get Escape v0.20 out ASAP. With this work, I am going to delay the October renders until after Escape releases. I really am on a roll with Escape and I don't want to compromise that. As always, if you are patreon subscriber and plan on canceling you membership for November and miss the content, I will make sure you have access here until all your October content has been published!

Also, I am looking for a writer to help me in the future with Escape. This will be a paid role and I have already had a few submission on my discord. If you would like to apply, please join my discord and then DM me! (Discord will be a must if you end up working with me.)

Thank you all for the support and I look forward to releasing Escape v0.20 soon!!


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