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Emma - In the Library

You wake up after a crazy night. Some girl stole all your books, your laptop, your phone. and you college finals are due this week! You promised her to write her a term paper in exchange for sex, and now she is holding your supplies ransom until you get it done. You better get writing if you want to get you stuff back in time for your finals. You head out on you mission and end up in a run down library.

There you meet Emma, if you are charming enough, she helps you out and give you a task. You return to take her quiz to get her naked, and if you perform well enough, she'll reward you with lots more!
This is a short and simple erotic novel with a challenging quiz. There are bonuses to find, and lots to learn.


See her strip out of her sexy outfit.


Meet Emma and prove you are not an idiot.


Nail her quiz, so you can nail her!

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