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50% Funded!!

Well 49%... BUT I STILL NEED YOUR HELP to get to 100%!! go to Kickstarter to contribute! This will be the BEST time to support me for a few key reasons:

  • I am NOT asking you to support me both here and kickstarter. Please pick one.

  • Get 3 YEARS access for the price of a 10 month membership. (Best price.)

  • My website is now the BEST place to see all my renders, nice and organized!

  • There will not be another chance for a deal like this.

  • Kickstarters will receive Lifetime discord privileges!

  • Kickstarters will have 3 Years access to Kickstarter ONLY content!

  • Kickstarters will DIRECTLY help fund a new PC for the development of my games!

  • ESCAPE development will commence IMMEDIATLEY upon setup of new PC.

A lot of you are still thinking about it! So please ask me any questions you have!! Thank you so much for your support! -Ace

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