Escape Progress and October renders Part II

So, I am not going to finish Escape v0.20 this month, I am REALLY close to having everything done, but I need just a little bit more time.

I have found a writer to help me out!! I will do a more formal announcement and introduction after a few months of working with them and I make sure they are a good long term fit. They will have a few scenes written for v0.20, but hopefully with their help I can get v0.30 done a lot sooner!

October Renders: I am going to try to get October renders out by the 31st! I have wallpapers done ready to publish in a few hours, and working on the rest. I only have a few more renders to finish for Escape v0.20, so I can now spend a little time on the monthly renders.

Thanks as always for all your support!


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