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Website Speed/Update

So... as I keep learning more and more on how to make games, renders, and run this site there are always choices when it comes to image file types. For all of my renders I create them in .png format which is great and has high quality. However, this comes with a big file size. To combat this for games (in which most renders are only seen for a second) I convert them to .webp format which reduces the size to less than 10% the original without losing much detail.

However, I have not been doing this on the website as I have felt that viewing a single render, it is worth keeping it in .png format. This has huge effects on the speed of the galleries pages and the site overall. So I have decided to convert and upload webp versions of all the images for online viewing. This will help a TON in regards to the speed of the site. The great news is that I already have the option to download zipped up set as pngs, so if you really want to see the other format, it is there!

I hope you all are enjoying the site, games, and renders. Thank you all for your support, and hope the have the website running faster over the next few weeks.


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