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How to Fix the Future!

Hey all! I wanted to tell you about a great game! I loved playing this and I hope you will like it too! Here's a little info about the game: How To Fix The Future takes you on a new and unique journey filled with a lot of mystery. This is a sci-fi, time-travel-themed game. Make your way through your circumstances, meet splendid women. Become a better version of yourself and make the best of choices given to you. As those choices will alter the flow of time… This game is more than just about sex. It’s about love and friendship. About power and fortitude. It brings up important topics and makes you think. The events of How To Fix The Future will take place both in the present time and the near future. There are plenty of love interests already and a lot of fetishes as well. All specific ones are avoidable. High-quality renders are followed by smooth animations. Thoroughly selected music creates a great atmosphere, pulling you deeper into the world. Moreover, each character has their own story. They have their own struggles and motives. The game is available on all desktop platforms. How To Fix The Future offers a free public version to play here if you'd like to check it out. The current version of the game(approximately 2 hours of gameplay) includes:

  • 745 Full HD renders.

  • 17 HD animations.

  • 30+ songs.

  • 40 sound effects.

Visit mr.moonmi’s patreon to start playing How To Fix The Future! All supporters receive benefits and rewards. Thanks all! -Ace

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