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Kickstarter Fully Funded!


It's hard for me to express in words how grateful I am for all you support! I have some nice renders on their way as a thank you! This is really amazing that you all helped get this campaign funded. So... what's next?

Well, we still have 10 days to go! Which means, any support coming in over the next week and a half will be bonus! I have a few ideas for stretch goals and rewards for you but I am still working on them.

As soon as the funds get sent to me I am ordering parts for a new PC. (around September 10th based on what Kickstarter tells me) I have decided to build it myself as I have the skills to do so and it will leave extra funds for other expenses related to game development. Immediate things that will be purchase after the campaign:

  • PC Parts (roughly $5,000)

  • Adobe Creative Cloud ($600/yr)

  • Daz Studio Assets (I have my eye an a bunch of assets to help make my games. Roughly $1,000)

As soon as I get my PC parts in, look for posts! I will be taking pictures and uploading progress of my build! (Won't take long to assemble) Then I will be setting up and transferring files over to the new PC. This shouldn't be too much of a hassle as last month I purchased a new hard drive dedicated to Ace X Games Studio and transferred all the files onto that drive. So I am just going to move that drive to the new pc. Then I need to setup and test all the hardware and software to make sure it's all working properly.

THEN! I will plan a live stream on my discord channel! This will be a live stream of me creating an animation for "Escape with Ivy and Piper". This will be a relaxed time while I work where you can all ask me whatever you want and see my work in progress. I will have to decide a date and time, but hope you can all join me for that.

Finally, I will continue work on my games! I am usually pretty active on discord, where you can follow along and see posts of what I am working on, ask me questions, and see some bonus renders! I am so excited to work with new hardware that will let me do some things not currently possible!

Thanks again for all your support!


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