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Strip n Play on STEAM!!!

Hey all, I am publishing Strip n Play with Val on Steam next month! Here's the link to the steam page:

What is the goal of this: To make some more money and get some more exposure. Steam is the biggest gaming platform and gets literally millions of views.

What this means for Supporters: Hopefully faster content, I will continue to publish monthly renders and game updates here FIRST. But I hope the income from steam can help with development time and speed up a lot of things.

What I want from YOU ALL! Please, I am NOT asking you to buy the game again... you support me enough financially here and I am forever grateful, for all tiers! BUT, if you can add the game to your STEAM WISH LIST it will really help out in the steam promotional algorithm! The more people who add it to the wish list, the higher in the lists it will become and the more people will see and engage with it.

(I understand if you don't want to wish list a porn game on your steam account...)

Thank again for all your support!!


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